Have a health Problem? Yoga can solve it

Have a health Problem? Yoga can solve it


Part 1

What was once ridiculed as a ridiculous trend in health is widely accepted as a way of life for many people. However, this ‘fad’ has been practically active for over 5,000 years and is known as yoga. Although it has been identified as a form of exercise, some of the specific postures inherent in this method of physical culture have been highly recognized and recommended in drug-free healing cycles for centuries.

With a sensible and proper diet emphasizing fruits and vegetables (low in mucus), these specific ailments listed below can be alleviated by continuously and wisely activating each of the recommended postures.

1. Acne: Sunburn, shoulder posture and its opposite posture, head to knee, peacock posture and abdominal isolation.

2. Weapons (squeezing): sun salutation, inclination, bow posture, wheel posture and balanced posture (peacock and crab)

3. Asthma: Deep abdominal breathing, shoulder posture, bridge and fish posture, bow posture and body posture (it is strongly recommended to avoid animal products and all processed foods! Fruits and vegetables only!)

4. Back pain: sun salutation, fish posture, bow posture

5. Bad breath: sun salutation, inverted posture, bow and balance posture, fire cleansing and breathing exercises. (Short fasts and limited occasional juicy organic fruit diets are recommended)

Have a health Problem? Yoga can solve it

6. Body odor: Sun salutation, shoulder position (15-20 minutes after posture training, use a warm damp rag to wipe common areas)

7. Chest and chest (confirmation): sun salutation, bow, crab

8. Chin- (prevention of double chin): fish, wheels, sun salutation

9. Common Cold: Sun salutations, shoulder posture, and her opposite posture, breathing exercises, nasal irrigation (Avoid milk, grain, and animal products. Actually processed foods, this is a good time to fast!)

10. Constipation: Reverse posture, sun salutation, head-to-knee posture, bow posture, balanced posture (changes in peacocks and crabs) (fiber-rich foods - celery, watermelon, etc.)

This concludes the first part of a three-part series on yoga and how to use a proper diet to alleviate health symptoms.

Have a health Problem? Yoga can solve it

Part 2

This is part 2 of my series on yoga postures for health challenges and stress relief. Remember friends, yoga goes hand in hand with a proper diet. It can not be stressed too much, so when learning this posture, remember to learn how to improve your diet and for success. here we go:

11. Delaying old age: Sun salutation, shoulder posture, bridge posture, fish posture, wheel posture, abdominal lift, and breathing exercises.

12. Depression: Sun salutations, shoulder posture, and its opposite posture, backward bending, and balancing exercises.

13. Diagnosis (Absence): Balanced Exercise!

14. Diabetes: Kneeling (sitting), sun salutation, bow posture. (Eat celery and leafy vegetables and other sub-acidic fruits in the summer, stone fruits and apples and pears in the fall, and berries in the winter, and berries in the spring)

15. Digestive problems: Abdominal isolation and lift, shoulder position, plow head to knee, bow posture, peacock posture (2-3 days or more> juice fast!)

16. Eye Disorders: Reverse Posture: (Shoulder posture and plow posture)

Have a health Problem? Yoga can solve it

17. Excess Weight: Sun salutation, inverted posture (plow and shoulder posture) bridge and fish posture, bow and breathing exercises (you should choose one: a limited mono-diet of fruit or a juice fast for a week or two!)

18. Fatigue: Dead body, wheel posture

19. Concentration (Absence): Sun salutation, balancing exercises, and breathing exercises.

20. Gastrointestinal disorders: Shoulder standing sequence, head to knee, bow posture, and peacock posture.

21. Hip (Fat Reduction): Spine, twisted crab, triangular posture, bow and wheel posture

22. Insomnia: Reverse posture, a dead body, and breathing exercises.

23. Jaw (squeezing): Sun salutation, shoulder position and her counter, head to the knee (sitting), and its counter wheel posture.

Have a health Problem? Yoga can solve it

Part 3

"L" means Let's do yoga Just a joke. But seriously, yoga is not just about posture and meditation or stretching. It also heals And you will be at an unbearable pace with a proper diet. Here are the recommended rest postures for various health issues as applicable.

24. Laryngitis: Sun salutation, shoulder position, and its opposite posture. The wheel appears.

25. Indifference: Sun salutation, shoulder position and it's counter, wheel posture, and balanced posture.

26. Menstrual disorders: bow, shoulder posture, fish, plow, and knee head.

27. Menstrual disorders: bow, shoulder position, fish, plow, and knee head.

28. Nervousness: Shoulder posture and its opposite posture, bow posture, and body

29. Ovarian status: Inverted posture, bow posture, wheel posture, abdominal isolation, and head-to-knee.

30. Immature sperm: Shoulder posture, plow posture, knee flexion, bow posture, and peacock posture. Abdominal lift.

31. Common Disorders: Sun salutations, inverted posture, head to knees (sitting)

32. Rheumatism: Sun salutation (mild rounds 3-6), bow posture, and triangular posture. 

33. Sexual Disorders: Reverse Posture, Head to Knee Sitting, Archery, Balancing Posture (Peacock and Crabs Changes)

34. Spine: Spine, bow, sun salutation twisted crab posture.

35. Abdominal pain: Inverted posture, knee head, bow posture, wheel posture, balanced exercise.

36. Thighs: Sun salutations, inverted posture, diamond posture, bow and wheel posture, triangular posture from head to knee.

37. Thyroid fitness: shoulder position and plow. (Include celery and green leafy vegetables in your diet and juice)

38. Uterine disorders: Inverted posture and bow posture

39. Varicose Veins: Reverse Posture, Knee to Head Bending Exercises

40. Waist Line - To Reduce And Stabilize: Sun Salutations, Reverse Posture, Spine, Triangular Posture, Balanced Exercise

41. Wrinkles: Reverse posture, head to knee, sun salutation, and balancing exercises.

There you have it, a detailed list of what can help with any disease you may have. Here's another tip, for any of the ailments listed above, by Philip Paracelsus 'Greatest cure - the doctor inside!' Enter what is named. My friends have a limited mono-diet of fast or alternatively juicy fruit.

Yoga, along with a proper diet and mental attitude can be a panacea for any ailment (everything that can be cured), so focus on what surrounds you.

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