How to deal with your depression

 How to deal with your depression

Depression is a disorder that is affecting more and more people around the world and is very difficult to deal with. I have struggled with this problem in the past but have recently found ways to deal with this unwanted depression. In this article, I will write about how to do this.


I was born into a family that includes many members and finds it difficult to cope successfully with life and often worries about something or something. I am one of these people and I do not have a problem in my mind and I do not seem to be going through a day of unhappiness or stress. I find it very difficult to appreciate everything that is fundamentally good in my life because my brain focuses only on all my problems or potential problems.


Over the past few years, I have been trying to deal with these now known as challenges and trying to focus more on the positive aspects of my life. As I have already explained, I find it very difficult to do this because I am a born troublemaker by nature.


What I have decided to do now is try to compare my life with others around the world. For example, in the last few days, I have been watching news programs on television and have heard horribly about the current situation in Iraq. I'm sure many readers of this article will be aware of what's happening in Iraq, but a few incidents have shocked me.


The first was a roadblock set up by people in police uniforms. They stopped several vehicles and dragged the occupants into the street. What I heard included young and old, men and women. 20 of them were shot and killed. I can only imagine how dangerous this is.


The second incident happened just the next day when five people were taken away from their workplace and bus stops. They were initially abducted and taken away in a number of vehicles. I’m not sure what has happened to them since then, I can only hope they are fine. This is very annoying again and it will be a terrible experience for the people involved.


I am not an expert on the situation in Iraq or why all this is happening. I have no idea how things can be improved, but something needs to happen to help these people.


It shows me that I am very lucky and if I ever start to feel a little inferior, I think about the people of Iraq and the people of other countries. I'm sure many of these people would love to move with me. They would laugh at me if I tried to explain to them why I was a little depressed.


Who does not face the problems of life? Worrying about bills to pay, transportation, jobs, taking care of our families. Gosh: The demands of modern life are enormous. It is not surprising that few people deal with depression in order to cope with this burden.


At times, these demands on life can exacerbate feelings of anxiety, fear, anger, and hopelessness. Incidentally, all of these are symptoms of depression, and dealing with depression as a consequence is something that many of us do on a daily basis.


However, one of the most overlooked methods of depression is to deal successfully with its symptoms. It is as old as the mountains and perhaps nothing can reach to restore one's emotional balance in dealing with depression as this powerful tool.


Observing nature shows us that when animals are frightened or angry, they refrain from eating for some time. Moreover, it is true that under stressful conditions, many student people avoid eating rich people and find that they have less appetite for food, but most of the time most of us will eat large amounts of food under these conditions, it will most likely be a disease Food preparation to begin with, as a consequence, complicates or completely stops the continuous digestion of food that is already in decline.


Considering this, perhaps the last thing you need to do when dealing with depression - regardless of its causes or symptoms is to overeat, which I would never go so far as to say.


Anxiety, fear, anxiety, irritability, urgency, hot arguments in the diet: all prevent the secretion of digestive enzymes in the body and interfere not only with digestion but also with the overall nutritional process.


According to the Bible, this is why many people fast when they are grieving or wanting forgiveness with the Creator. When used as a tool to deal with depression, powerful and faith-driven prayer, when combined with fasting, will unleash the mental powers within us to help our friends solve our problems. It brings us closer to our potential as true images of the Almighty, and as a result we can clearly see it as a step towards a powerful and effective depression control system.


Fasting as a means of dealing with depression is extremely beneficial to one’s overall health. Provides rest to the digestive organs. Moreover, the mind clearly allows all stupidity to disappear. We rediscover peace and tranquility of mind. The hardships of life are not so great.


So when problems seem to be imposing on us, when dealing with depression becomes a struggle for us almost every day, perhaps from all the above implications, the best thing to do is fast. It certainly doesn’t hurt and can be a great help.

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