Best Tips To Choose A Tie

 Best Tips To Choose A Tie

The tie is an art that matches perfectly with other outfits and occasions. So how do you perfect its tactics? Remember these few guidelines.

Best Tips To Choose A Tie

Always buy the right length tie. The length of a standard tie is 130-150 cm. Tall people should demand long relationships. The triangular tip of the tie is the appropriate tie length when it touches your belt buckle.

If you can’t afford a fashion tie width, buy an average width of 8-9 inches.

While buying a tie to go with a dress, make sure you carry the dress with you. You have a good idea of ​​what it looks like when wearing a tie. If the jacket is a sports coat, the color of the pants should also be considered when choosing a tie.

Before buying, thoroughly inspect the tie for any product defects such as loose yarn, uneven weaving, stains, dye, or smoke.

Casual, regular office ties can be polyester blends, but silk or silk blends are essential for business meetings and other occasions.

Best Tips To Choose A Tie

In all cases, avoid contact with pictures and cartoons. These patterns are very informal and should only be worn for informal occasions such as a birthday party or family reunion.

A safe bet is colored, striped or dotted ties. Match and wear them with a shirt or dress.

Choosing a tie for job interviews, business meetings, regular offices and other serious occasions should be traditional. Set a dark shirt or dress in the same or complementary color with a lighter tone. Do not wear a striped tie with a striped shirt except for a pin striped shirt. A tie would be a better option.

Match the dress pattern and texture with the tie. With patterned shirts, it is better to wear solid ties. If you wear a patterned tie with a patterned shirt it will be a big clash. This conflict can be calmed by wearing a simple jacket with them.

A dark shirt is free with a light-colored tie and a bright shirt can be relaxed by pairing it with a dark tie. Dark blue and dark red bonds rarely go wrong. You can choose a tie in the same color as your shirt or dress but in a lighter or darker shade.

Best Tips To Choose A Tie

Did you know that choosing your tie also affects your face and skin?

If you have a strong, angular face you should tie it with stripes. Dotted and paisley printed bonds go well with a round or babyface. Colors can be worn by everyone.

Before you buy, you should follow the same principles when choosing a tie to match your shirt and dress.

So you can see that the choice of tie depends on the occasion, the shirt and jacket pattern and the color of the shirt and jacket.

Best Tips To Choose A Tie

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